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Why Major in Sociology?

Sociology is one of the most diverse majors in the field of social sciences. In the broadest terms, sociology involves research and analysis of social problems and examination of the function, development and structure of society. A major in sociology can provide you with a solid educational background and a strong set of transferable skills.

The skills gained in sociology can be transferred to diverse job settings. Such "crossover skills" include a knowledge of the workings of society, the ability to analyze social problems and to communicate these analyses to others, and interpersonal relations. In addition, sociology major provides training in written and verbal communication, research methods, and analytical techniques. Students may select courses providing them with a number of technical skills that can be translated into a broad range of career competencies (training in computers, various research methods, and statistics).

Careers in Sociology

Individuals with a degree in sociology have numerous career options. Some go on to do graduate work in sociology, while others apply to other graduate programs such as law and medicine. Employment opportunities for individuals with a BA in sociology are quite varied, as they are for other Liberal Arts graduates.

Based on reports of what graduates majoring in sociology have told us, we find that they are pursuing a wide range of occupations and careers in areas including research, education, business, community, corrections, health, and social service.

Visit the American Sociological Association website for more information on possible career areas.

Undergraduate Advising

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