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Why Major in Sociology?

Sociology is one of the most diverse majors in the field of social sciences. In the broadest terms, sociology involves research and analysis of social problems and examination of the function, development and structure of society. A major in sociology can provide you with a solid educational background and a strong set of transferable skills.

The skills gained in sociology can be transferred to diverse job settings. Our curriculum has been designed so that students have multiple courses that link to career preparation. These include our research methods courses, our internship and field experience courses, and intensive one-on-one research experiences with a faculty member. In addition, as a sociology major students learn “crossover skills” such as the ability to analyze problems and communicate these analyses to others, interpersonal relations, and strong written and verbal communication. Sociology students learn how to research, write, and present information.

Career Preparation through Our Curriculum 

Internships, Community Engagement, & Research Opportunities

How about all three in one course? 
Soc 470: Sociology, Research, and Community Engagement

  • An advanced experience in sociological research and community engagement with a central component involving a field internship
  • Hybrid course structure
  • Spring semesters only

Community Engaged Coursework: Soc 470

Internships: Soc 480

  • Available every semester
  • Group or individual arrangements
  • Earn three to six credits for the sociology major in a variety of settings, on or off campus, including research with an individual faculty member

For a more intensive one-on-one research experience: Soc 499

  • Individually arranged with a faculty member

Undergraduate Advising

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