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Graduate Student Symposium

As graduate students in sociology, we engage in understanding social problems through theoretical and practical perspectives. In particular the globalizing state of labor is something relevant to every college graduate.

The Graduate Student Symposium is an annual event that serves to teach students outside sociology more about our discipline, as well as provided a more in-depth focus for sociology majors.

Spring 2023

  • 4th Annual Praxis in Education Student Conference - Social Justice, Advocacy, and Transformation
    Featuring “Embodying Social Justice through a Pedagogy of Love” - Dr. Antonia Darder

Spring 2021

  • 30th Anniversary Graduate Student Symposium: Commitment to Anti-Racism
    April 23, 2021 at 6pm
    A virtual panel with Dr. Yen Le Espiritu.  Dr. Angie Chung and Kirin Amiling Macapugay, MSW. 

Spring 2018

  • Capitalism: Culture and the Individual
    April 14, 2018
    Sociology graduate Student Committee organized the 27th Annual SDSU Sociology Graduate Student Conference.
    Presenters included: Dr. Timothy Taylor (Professor of Ethnomusicology, UCLA)

Spring 2017

  • Global Social Mobility
    April 21, 2017 @ 12pm, Location: Storm Hall West 011
    The Sociology Graduate Student Committee organized the 26th Annual SDSU Sociology Graduate Student Symposium.  The panel discussion was on inequality and why social mobility matters in global context, as well as how to address injustices that prevent social mobility.
    Presenters included: Dr. Anna C Smedley-Lopez (UNLV), Dr. Hung Cam Thai (Pomona College), Dr. Rachel Salazar Parrenas (USC), Dr. Roberto Hernandez (SDSU)

Spring 2016

  • Energy, Sustainability and Inequality
    Presenters included: Jess Ponting (San Diego State University, Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management), Leslie Lewis (University of San Diego, Urban Studies and Planning Program) and Ivan Evans (University of San Diego, Professor of Sociology)

Spring 2015

  • Rise Up...and raise San Diego workers out of poverty
    March 20, 2015 @ 1pm, Location: Storm Hall West 012 
    The Sociology Graduate Student Committee held a discussion about issues facing workers on both our campus and in our city. 
    Presenters included: Robert Notoff (Center on Policy Initiatives) and Christal Padilala (Service Employees International Union)

  • ISIS: A Discussion on the Rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, its History and its Social Implications
    April 17th, 2015 @ @ 1pm, Location: Storm Hall West 012 
    The Sociology Graduate Student Committee held a panel discussion and teach-in, that focused on the history, social construction, and potential threats if ISIS.
    Panelists included: Professor Ron Bee (SDSU- Political Science), Professor Shawn Van-Diver (SDSU- Homeland Security), and Professor James Gelvin (UCLA-History).