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Major in Sociology

Majoring in Sociology requires that you take and satisfactorily complete 9 units of lower division “preparation for the major" courses and a minimum of 30 upper division units of Sociology with a 2.5 GPA both in Sociology and Overall. This is a University standard and cannot be appealed.

Majors must complete the core requirements and the requirement of upper-division sociology electives. Majors, and those planning to be majors, need to meet with the Department’s Undergraduate Advisor as soon as possible for program planning and to make sure they are following the correct procedures.

  • Sociology 101: Introduction to Sociology (3 units)
  • Sociology 102: Introduction to Social Problems (3 units)
  • Sociology 201: Elementary Social Statistics (3 units)

Note: Statistics 119 or 250, or Biology 215, will be accepted in lieu of Sociology 201 only if the student takes the course for a letter grade and earns a grade of “C" or higher.

Research Methods (3 units) - take the following:

  • Sociology 301: Social Research Methods

Theory (6 units) - take both of the following:

  • Sociology 401: Classical Social Theory
  • Sociology 403: Contemporary Sociological Theory

Advanced Methods (3 units) - choose one of the following:

  • Sociology 406: Intermediate Social Statistics
  • Sociology 407: Survey and Experimental Research Methods
  • Sociology 408: Qualitative Research Methods

Social Psychology (3 units) - choose one of the following:

  • Sociology 410: Social Psychology: Mind, Self, and Society
  • Sociology 412: Social Construction of Reality

Social Organization (3 units) - choose one of the following:

  • Sociology 430: Social Organization
  • Sociology 433: Wealth, Status, and Power

Select four upper division courses in the department. Please see our Courses page for more information.

(Note: Special Study Courses 499 and 597 may be taken in place of certain courses to fulfill requirements. A maximum of six units may be replaced. This must be done with the consent of an instructor and the department chair.

 The Department of Sociology offers undergraduates of superior achievement the opportunity to write a sociology honors thesis leading to special recognition upon graduation. Sociology 490, Senior Honors Thesis, is open to students who rank in the top twenty percent of senior sociology majors and who have successfully satisfi ed the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement. Interested students should consult with the undergraduate adviser in the Sociology Department.

Undergraduate Advising

Dr. Audrey Beck
Office: NH-214 
Phone: (619) 594-1321 
Email: [email protected]

Spring 2020 Advising Hours:
For the remainder of the semester, advising will take place through email, phone calls, and video chats. Forms can also be signed electronically. Please email Dr. Beck at [email protected] for assistance on any advising matter.