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Undergraduate Program

Sociology is a liberal arts field. It informs us of the vast array of human structure and interactions from a lover’s quarrel to the world as a system. It helps its practitioners understand that, contrary to the American bias toward individualism, not everything in life is totally within one’s control. Understanding social, historical, and cultural forces is freeing, for it points us toward a way to act and change the forces we find dehumanizing. Many classes in Sociology illuminate social life – the family, schools, hospitals, government, churches – as well as the operations of power, negotiation, growth, change, and so on.

The Department of Sociology at San Diego State University is committed to providing the best possible undergraduate education in Sociology. We offer many interesting courses in a variety of areas, from family, sex roles, and religion, to deviance, juvenile delinquency, and minority group relations, as well as the usual theory and research methods courses.

The Department of Sociology prides itself on being extremely student-oriented, with all Department members being available for consultation and advising, and the Undergraduate Advisor always willing to help with any academic problem. Students who decide on a major or minor in Sociology will find the faculty helpful and committed to providing a challenging and enlightening course of study.

Undergraduate Advising

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